Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Mail order sale

Mail order differs from brick-and-mortar sales in that catalogs, television, the Internet, flyers, direct marketing and other media are used for advertising, and telephone, postcards, fax, the Internet and other communication methods are used for taking orders.

Mail order businesses can be born out of a garage or basement with little more than a P.O Box and a classified ad.

Mail order is becoming increasingly popular because of speed and ease of use for customers. Also, products are delivered directly to the customer.

Mail order is split into two categories: specialized businesses for which mail order is a core business, and side businesses, such as department stores, specialty stores and manufacturers, for which mail order is a non-core business.

In mail order sale, merchants use a variety of means to access to customers, such as through television (infomercials), telephones, catalogs (mail order), and the Internet (e-commerce).
Mail order sale

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