Friday, November 01, 2019

Brand awareness can influence consumer’s confidence in the purchase decision

Brand means a combination of identification and differentiation that draw strong attention to the product for consumers. The brand brings value to consumers and companies. The customers can become the loyal to the brand due to its uniqueness, its taste, feel easy by using that particular brand and they also have enough knowledge about that brand and feel confident while make a purchase.

In consumers’ point of view, companies try to satisfy their consumers by providing consumers’ desire list of values, where value means benefit. On the other hand, when consumers are satisfied by getting values from companies as well as brands, consumers may provide value to companies and show dependence about their brands.

Brand awareness is the first and prerequisite dimension of the entire brand knowledge system in consumers’ minds, reflecting their ability to identify the brand under different conditions: the likelihood that a brand name will come to mind and the ease with which it does so.

Brand awareness creates a great association in memory about a particular brand. Creating a strong brand image in the consumer’s mind depends on create an optimistic brand assessment, reachable brand approach, and a reliable brand representation. The importance of brand awareness in the mind of the customers can be evaluate at various stages e.g. recognition, recall, top of mind, brand dominance, brand knowledge.

It is now widely acknowledged by companies that strong brand awareness will create a competitive advantage in the marketplace that will enhance their overall reputation and credibility.

Brand awareness can also influence consumers’ perceived risk assessment and their confidence in the purchase decision, due to familiarity with the brand and its characteristics.

The brand awareness is changing the way modern marketing environment focus on comprehensive knowledge about brands. Indeed, currently brand and branding has become a major marketing priority for most of the companies.
Brand awareness can influence consumer’s confidence in the purchase decision

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