Friday, October 19, 2018

What is brand awareness?

According to studies, the consumer buying behaviour depends on which intentions, attitudes, preferences, effort to commitment, and way of identifying the consumers have. There must be a consideration of brand while making a decision to purchase a product or service, if there is nothing to be considered the probability is that there is nothing to be chosen.

An important dimension of brand equity is brand awareness, very often an undervalued component. Not only that awareness is almost a prerequisite for a brand to be included in the consideration set (the brands that receive consideration for purchase), but it also influences perceptions and attitudes, and can be a driver for brand loyalty.

Brand awareness is the lowest level of brand recall. This is where the brand recall continuum begins, extending from simple brand recognition to having complex cognitive structures constructed on the basis of detailed information concerning the brand. Brand awareness is the probability that consumers recognize the existence and availability of a company’s product or services, creating this awareness by a company are one of the key steps to promote the company’s goods and services.

When making subsequent purchases the consumer focuses on the product’s practical attributes, such as quality, functionality, taste or fragrance.

Brand awareness has a stronger impact on the subsequent purchasing choices, if the product once tried out fulfilled the consumer’s expectations.

Brand awareness can be depicted into brand recognition (consumers’ ability to confirm prior exposure to the brand when given the brand as cue)and brand recall (consumers’ ability to retrieve the brand when given the product category, the needs fulfilled by the category, or some other cues).
What is brand awareness?
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