Thursday, July 28, 2016

Internal marketing

To foster teamwork among all departments, the company carries out internal marketing as well as external marketing.

Internal marketing, the application of marketing management to the corporate organization, was first suggested in the late 1970s. Since then it has been adopted widely in management and marketing.

Internal marketing is the task   of successfully hiring, training, and motivating able employees who want to serve the customers well.

It is the philosophy of treating employees as customers-indeed, and is the strategy of shaping job-products to fit human needs.

Internal marketing must precede external marketing. It makes no sense to promise excellent service before the company’s staff is ready to provide excellent service.

The internal marketing concept was first proposed in the mid 1970s as a way of achieving consistent service quality – a major problem in the service area.

Internal marketing requires:
*The acceptance of marketing techniques and philosophy
*Customer orientation/market orientation
*A participative approach to management
*A strategic approach to human resource management
*The coordination of all management activity to achieve customer or market orientation
Internal marketing

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