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Barcodes systems in marketing

The Westinghouse Corporation introduced the origin concept of the barcode as early as 1929. A barcode is a machine readable code consisting of a series of bars and spaces printed in defined ratios.  It is formed by combinations of high and low reflectance regions of the surface of an object, which are converted to ‘I’s and ‘0’s.

Most automated systems are designed to utilize either barcodes or optical character recognition imprints (OCR). The majority used barcodes but a number of systems can also accept OCRs and other identifiers as well. With digital convergence of technology barcodes can now be placed virtually anywhere. Barcode readers are increasingly incorporated into pens and mobile phones.

Using barcodes information about an item can be captured using optical barcode scanners.

The barcode technology has been developed with the creation of 2D barcodes to increase the data capacity of ID barcodes. With the integration of cameras, mobile phones act as scanners, barcode readers and portable data storages and maintaining network connectivity.

2D barcodes have been traditionally more popular in mobile marketing due to the amount of information they can pack compared to a 1D code.

However, 1D codes are becoming more popular in certain instances, such as mobile coupon delivery, because 1D scanning systems are still dominant at the point of sale.
Barcodes systems in marketing

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