Friday, April 10, 2015

Brand positioning

Positioning may be defined as the act of placing the product in the mind of the prospect. Brand positioning refers as the act of designing the branding element resides in the mind of the consumer.

It is the point where the relationship between a brand and consumers become apparent. Positioning is competition-oriented: it specifies the best way to attack competitor’s market share. Brand positioning involves the placement of a brand and all its associations (including characteristics, attributes, personality, and image) in a distinct in the mind of the consumer.

Brand positioning is based on one fundamental principle: all choices are comparative. Positioning is competitive when it comes to brands, consumers make a choice, but with products they make comparisons.

The importance of string brand positioning cannot be underestimated, An organization’s brand positioning is the major way in which it can gain a competitive advantage over rivals and detract criticism, and a definitive identify can provide internal benefits such as the ability to attract quality personnel and breed employee motivation.

A successful positioning requires a strong positive perception from the consumers. For this to happen, the brands positioning should be unique in a way that is different from others.
Brand positioning

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