Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cultural factors that influence international business

There are numerous macro-factors that influence international business, such as politics and economic climate of the region involved.

Differences in social conditions, religion and material culture all affects consumer’s perception and patterns of buying behavior.

Because society is composed of people and their culture, it is not possible to speak of one without relating to the other.

Social and culture affect employer-employee relations, buyer-seller interaction, business to business interchange, and government to business negotiations.

Cultural factors definitely influence consumer values and preferences. Areas most often impacted by cultural factors include this consumer products that must conform to local dietary needs, health practices, and religious guidelines.

Ideally, the internal culture of a firm should fit more or less with the culture of the region or nation where firm is located.

Host factors and policies may be managerial principles that are operational at home but may be ineffective in other countries or a manager may have to initiate policies and procedures that were not necessarily appropriate in the home country.
Cultural factors that influence international business
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