Sunday, July 17, 2011

Augmented Product

The augmented product refers to services and other activities that support the marketing of the main (or core) product.

The augmented product comprises the totality of features of a product. It includes the core benefits and any numbers of ‘add-on’ or premium benefits, which makes the product more acceptable to certain segments of the markets.

This definition is wider than the mere provision of after sales services and warranty back up which form part of this definition; it also includes sales persons, service personnel, transportation and, where appropriate, assembly or construction of the product at the customer’s home or workplace.

In other words, the augmented product encompasses everything surrounding the service and its delivery, including intangible attributes such as accessibility and atmosphere.

It also includes all aspects of the commercial transaction of the purchase itself and the provision of credit when required.

In many modern marketing situations, the value of the augmented product is often deemed to be at least as important as the core product.

There are three layer involved:
*The core layer is simply product itself. The core product is what actually meets the consumer’s needs.
*Layer two adds elements to the product designed to make it more appealing.
*Layer three adds more and adds things that might be describe as less inherently part of the product itself.

The augmented product exceeds customer expectations. MacDonald’s are a good example of what marketing people call the ‘augmented product; that is the actual product is surrounded by additional goods or services that together make up a package of customer expectations.
Augmented Product
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